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Tips for a more Prosperous Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year (CNY) is the most festive and trendiest time in most parts of Asia-Pacific. This coming 2020, CNY falls on January 25th with main celebrations lasting for 15 days. For many brands, CNY is also a key time of the year to engage with their best customers and prospects and if done right, can drive sales and yield incredible results.

To avoid getting lost in the flurry of celebrations (especially as it falls less than a month away from the year-end break) or losing out because of the holiday shut down for many businesses, it’s best to start planning and executing your marketing campaigns early. Following are some key consumer behavioural trends to keep in mind during the Lunar New Year season:

Lunar New Year Behavioural Trends

  • Consumers like things new, tidy and auspicious for the Lunar New Year. The days leading up to Lunar New Year often find families spring-cleaning their homes, even giving it a new paint job and decorating it with auspicious items. Some people also use this as a time for their next luxury purchase buying new cars or properties that are believed to bring good luck. 
  • Consumers plan their outfits ahead of time and dress up, often wearing something new. The first day of CNY has everyone dressed in new and vibrant-colored outfits. On the days before and after, relatives and friends visit one another’s homes, exchanging gifts and greetings and looking their best.
  • Consumers get away taking time during the longer break to travel. Countries with significant Chinese populations would likely consider CNY as the longest holiday of the year. Younger generations and non-locals often use this time to take a longer break and travel for a vacation.
  • Consumers make their reunion dinner special. The celebration is usually preceded with weeks of planning and with people returning to their hometowns for family gatherings and the Prosperity Toss. Traditional families tend to make home-cooked dishes while some modern families go to restaurants that offer dining packages. 

Mobilewalla Lunar New Year Audience Segments 2020 can provide the audience insights needed to target the right audience, at the right time with the right offer. Our audience segments can be activated across any DSP, DMP, and social platforms to help you maximize consumer engagement during the busy holiday season.

Mobilewalla can help you to understand the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns using our Location Visitation Attribution (LVA) capability. By comparing the behavior of your exposed ad recipients with a lookalike (unexposed) control group, we can calculate uplift in footfall to your stores or specific points of interest measuring the effectiveness of your mobile advertising by analyzing offline conversion.

Download our Lunar New Year Audience Segments 2020 to learn more about our segments or get in touch with a Mobilewalla data expert to learn how you can drive higher ROI with your holiday campaigns.



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