Mobilewalla & Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Scaling Data Growth with AWS 

To deliver on our product vision, we partnered with AWS and are able build on a reliable and scalable platform that allows us to speed the turn around time for software development.

The breadth and depth of high-quality data that we are able to collect, cleanse, manage and access is critical to the success of our business. Our scale in this area is a key differentiator for Mobilewalla. AWS allows us to do this efficiently and effectively even as the amount of data we are dealing with continue to increase.

By using AWS along with our cutting-edge machine-learning and artificial intelligence techniques, Mobilewalla analyzes consumer behavior, on a global scale, persistently as it evolves, revealing the patterns present in the customer journey.

Mobilewalla Storage Powered by AWS


5 PB Data


5+ Years of Historical Data


Average Compression
Ratio of 10x

Mobilewalla Solutions built on AWS

Leveraging AWS Big Data Services, like AWS EMR and Redshift, has allowed us to innovate and differentiate our solutions in a highly competitive market.

Data Enrichment

Enrich you existing data with
demographic and behavioral attributes:

  • Demographics
  • Behavior
  • Device Mobility
  • App Engagement
  • Carrier Connectivity
  • Phone Specific
  • Householding
  • Relationship Network
  • Device Engagement

Data Monetization Platform and Infrastructure

  • License platform that ingests raw data and performs analytics
  • Necessary structures to generate segments, build audience and get device insights
  • API layer for accessing device insights programmatically
  • SDK stack
  • Audience visualization tool to view, plan and create audience segments at country, city, POI level as well as demographic and brand propensity of the desired audiences 

Analytics and Data Science Modeling

  • Daily, Monthly & 3-month aggregated data for faster insights
  • Predict age and gender using users' historical behavior such as:
    • Mobility Patterns
    • App Usage, Connection Type
    • Categories of Interest
    • TIme of Engagement, etc.
  • Compute brand affinity and predict brand propensity
    • Using Massive POI Visitation Historical  Data

"This Is My Architecture" AWS Feature

Learn how Mobilewalla built a proactive system for detection of unusual activity in access to their Amazon S3 buckets, including anomalies in request origin or traffic timestamps. The system was built using Amazon Elasticsearch Service and it's new Real-Time Anomaly Detection feature, along with AWS Lambda for pre-processing of S3 access logs.


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