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WEBINAR with ClickInsights: Data-driven Marketing Strategies in the New Decade: July 27, 2020

Mobilewalla's Founder and CEO, Anindya Datta, will present a webinar on Monday, July 27, 2020 at 10AM SGT / 12PM AEST / 2PM NZST on the topic of "Data-driven Marketing Strategies in the New Decade" . This event will be hosted in partnership with ClickInsights, the research and events arm of ClickAcademy that helps marketers in Asia-Pacific stay up-to-date with data, information and insights on the ever-changing digital marketing and ecommerce landscapes.



Data-driven Marketing Strategies in the New Decade

Marketers need to innovate and adapt more than ever in these changing times. This webinar will make you reimagine marketing strategies using artificial intelligence and data that can help improve marketing performance and drive revenue. Join consumer intelligence provider Mobilewalla to learn more about:

  • Evolution of marketing towards analytics and data
  • How data enrichment improve predictive models and deliver superior results
  • Real world use cases and examples of how companies are leading with data and AI



  • Anindya Datta, CEO and Founder, Mobilewalla
  • Jeff Rajeck, Chief Analyst and Editor, ClickInsights
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