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Webinar: Leveraging Location Data to Build Consumer Profiles

Mobilewalla has partnered with Precisely to bring to you Leveraging Location Data to Build Consumer Profiles on October 29, 2020, 11am Eastern Daylight Time.

Varun Chugh, Mobilewalla Senior Director of Product Management and Analytics and Thomas McKean, Precisely Product Manager, will discuss how to leverage location data and POIs to build consumer profiles, create audience segments and inform ad deployment.



Location can tell you much more than where somebody is. Analyzing a person's location also delivers insights into who they are, what they like and how they spend their time and money. Unlocking that level of detail requires accurate geographic data - and lots of it. Join two data experts as they discuss and demonstrate how points of interest (POIs), mobile trace data and more can be combined to generate actionable insights for B2C marketers and ad agencies.

Varun Chugh, Senior Director Product Management and Analytics, Mobilewalla
Thomas McKean, Product Manager, Precisely


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