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Insights From the Digital Marketing World Forum (DMWF) 2019 – Day One

Mobilewalla is proud to be a part of the North American Digital Marketing World Forum (DMWF) event in Brooklyn, NY this week. The DMWF brings together some of the brightest minds in Digital Marketing, CX, UX, AI and more, to discuss the latest trends, technologies, and best practices that can drive your digital marketing efforts to the next level.

Dedicated conference tracks include Content & Digital Brand Strategy, Influencer & Social Media Marketing, and the one that’s closest to our hearts, Data & Disruptive Tech.

To say that the event is delivering on its goal of making us all smarter marketers is an understatement.  Here are just a few of the awesome nuggets that we got from the first day at the conference:

Our Favorite Highlights From DMWF Day One


1. Leveraging the World’s Largest Focus Group (Haim Vaturi)

DMWF Data and Disruptive Tech

The Data & Disruptive Tech track started off with an excellent presentation from Haim Vaturi with Twitter on “Leveraging the World’s Largest Focus Group.”  His focus was on helping us understand what’s possible when you know what the whole world is thinking about at one time.

If you think about it, Twitter really does provide an amazing window into that concept. While other social platforms are more about “look at me!” Twitter is more about “look at that.” This is evident by the fact that so many social and political movements have been able to catch fire on Twitter in a way that they couldn’t on other platforms.

Oh, and from the “useless information that you didn’t know you needed” – users send 29 Tweets every minute about pizza, and pineapple is the most talked-about topping (um, I’ll pass on that).

2. Algorithm vs. Data: What Every Executive Should Know Before Implementing AI (Anindya Datta)

Next, Mobilewalla’s own Anindya Datta took on the age-old controversy of what method best feeds your AI efforts; complex algorithms or depth and breadth of data. The results are in, and the winner is depth and breadth of data! Anindya walked the audience through a case study that validated the importance of deep data in training your AI, resulting in a 50% improvement in modeling results!

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3. Digital Marketing Strategy Panel

Finally, we capped the morning off by attending a Digital Marketing Strategy Panel which covered everything from understanding who your customers are and how best to reach them, to how to make sense of the data you have and how to use it to engage the audience that matters most to your business.

My favorite nuggets all came out of the, “One important thing you should know” section of the presentation:

  • Think about marketing as user experience – everything will flow from a smart and appropriate user experience. It has to be the whole of what you do!
  • No more “mobile-first” talk! It’s here now, so we need to stop talking about it like it is something new.
  • Establish a “client input” team that can give you greater certainty with what you are releasing into the market – love that idea!

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4. Mitch Brooks of Brandwatch

After a welcome break for a networking lunch (my brain was full from the morning sessions), we were back at it with a session on how to turn disparate data into meaningful insights. Mitch Brooks, of Brandwatch, delivered a great session on how the quickly evolving digital landscape, alongside rapidly changing consumer behaviors, are driving business to be smarter about data.

He posed a great question that I think every business should be asking itself: “Do you know your consumers well enough to adapt your business intelligently? Can you bring the voices of billions of consumers into your decision making in real-time?” A daunting task to say the least, but one that we all should definitely strive for in today’s hyper-connected consumer world.

5. How Not to Let the CCPA Kill Your Marketing Strategy (Nick Tomooka)

Finally, Nick Tomooka with OneTrust gave an incredibly informative session on how not to let the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) kill your marketing strategy. ICYMI - the CCPA is the latest consumer data privacy legislation that those of us who handle consumer data need to be prepared to support. Nick did a great job diving into the details of this legislation.

He helped marketers in the audience better understand questions they need to be asking themselves, like  “If you receive a consumer request to access or delete their personal information, will you be able to find it?” He also detailed the steps they need to take to ensure they are in compliance by the deadline of January 1, 2020. 

Whew! A full day to say the least, and there were so many more sessions that I didn’t include in this summary. Looking forward to another insightful day tomorrow, see you then!

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