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Third-Party Data: The Missing Ingredient to Predictive Modeling Success

Learn how data enrichment works at the feature selection level to help predictive models generate more actionable insights for your brand’s marketing efforts.

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Building A Persistent Customer Identity: Strategies for Success

To remain competitive, companies must provide personalized customer experiences across all touch points. A persistent customer identity allows marketers to gain a 360-degree view of customers, but creating a channel-independent view can come with many challenges.

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How to Increase the Value of AI with Data

Enriching your customer information with robust consumer data from a third party, data analysts and marketers can significantly increase the effectiveness of the AI techniques and marketing campaigns.

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2019 eTail Special Report

Advanced personalization and ID management technologies enable retailers to pinpoint their best customers and tailor marketing in more innovative ways. This report highlights how the resurfacing of customer-focused ID management helps retailers increase customer engagement, satisfaction, and profitability.

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Lunar New Year Audience Segments

Mobilewalla's custom Lunar/Chinese New Year audience segments help marketers improve customer engagement and targeting with robust consumer insights.

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Holiday Shopper Segments 2019

Mobilewalla's syndicated Holiday Shopper Segments combine Q4 2018 app usage data with observed location visitation data to help marketers and advertisers personalize campaigns, deliver ads to their ideal customers, and enhance customer engagement.

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Customer Data Enrichment Through IP Address Matching

Overcome the challenge of "identity resolution" by improving data enrichment accuracy with Mobilewalla's IP address matching techniques. By mapping first-party data to a vast consumer intelligence repository, businesses can make smarter decisions that improve cost-savings and returns on investment.

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TV Measurement and Attribution At Scale

Marketers and data analysts can measure and attribute TV advertising viewership at the individual level, across content sources, and at scale, to determine the return on advertising spend and to gain insights into audiences.

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Data Ecosystem Guide

This Data Ecosystem Guide outlines the critical questions to ask a potential consumer intelligence provider, starting with general company information, then methodologies, and finally, activation.

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Facebook Custom Audience Targeting

Mobilewalla provides custom audiences as a flat file, which contains lists of MAIDs corresponding to consumers that exhibit specific characteristics driving the audience requirement. The more you know about the people you're advertising to, the better your ads will perform.

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Mobilewalla Demographic Segment Accuracy

From June-September 2016, Mobilewalla conducted a detailed investigation of the accuracy of its demographic audience data, using the Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) framework. This whitepaper reports the results of this study.

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Fraud Detection in Mobile Programmatic Advertising

As mobile advertising has taken off, so have the rates of fraud in the ecosystem. Mobilewalla data scientists have extensively analyzed this ad traffic and developed deep expertise in understanding and identifying the sources of fraud s well as cleansing our data to ensure maximum accuracy.

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