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Holiday Shopper Segments

Mobilewalla's syndicated Holiday Shopper Segments combine Q4 2017 app usage data with observed location visitation data to help marketers and advertisers personalize campaigns for enhanced customer engagement over the holidays.

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Facebook Custom Audience Targeting

Mobilewalla provides custom audiences as a flat file, which contains lists of MAIDs corresponding to consumers that exhibit specific characteristics driving the audience requirement. The more you know about the people you're advertising to, the better your ads will perform. Learn more about Facebook Custom Audience Targeting with Mobilewalla.

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Mobilewalla Demographic Segment Accuracy

From June-September 2016, Mobilewalla conducted a detailed investigation of the accuracy of its demographic audience data, using the Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) framework. This whitepaper reports the results of this study.

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Fraud Detection in Mobile Programmatic

Mobile programmatic supply is fraught with inaccurate information. Mobilewalla's data scientists have studied these anomalies in depth, developing methodologies for distinguishing between accurate and fraudulent data. This whitepaper reports the results of this study.

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Location-Based Telco Brief

Consumer mobility data is critical to Telcos providing consumers with communication services. Telcos use this data to effectively plan and implement a number of strategic activities. Learn more about how Telcos can use location-based insights.

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Data as a Service (DaaS)

Our DaaS solution enables companies to subscribe to customized data streams that augment strategic enterprise data assets. Such data streams range from raw “linkage” feeds linking mobile devices to locations, IP addresses and installed apps, to comprehensive and detailed consumer trends, and powerful market insights.

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